Equipment Pilates

Our Equipment Classes have a maximum of 4 clients per instructor which provides you with a more detailed and personalised class. These 1 hour classes cater for all levels and abilities from beginner to advanced to people with restricted mobility and those needing clinical rehabilitation.

Tower Pilates

New to QSPS in 2018! Our Pilates Tower classes offer a hybrid pilates class that incorporates the best of the trapeze table apparatus with a dynamic mat class routine. These classes are designed for those who want to push themselves further to gain greater strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness.

Mat Pilates

Our Mat classes are perfect for those who have no major injuries or mobility issues. These 1 Hour classes cater for all abilities with a max of 8 clients per instructor. Our Mat classes offer great variety through the use of various props like chi balls, magic circles, foam rollers and light weights.


get started


One of the most common questions we get asked is “what type of Pilates should I start with”. There are a few considerations before we recommend any form of Pilates to our new clients. Firstly, we strongly recommend that before you start any new exercise regime you consult with your GP or physiotherapist to make sure that Pilates it is suitable for you.

If you are confident that you would like to start some form of Pilates with us and you don’t have any significant pain, injuries or restricted mobility then we would recommend starting with either our fantastic Mat Pilates or Tower Pilates classes.

If you do have any significant pain, injuries or restricted mobility or if you have been referred to us by your GP or Physio we recommend that you start with our Equipment Pilates classes. Equipment Pilates is more supportive and has smaller class sizes which enables us to provide you with greater detail and individual attention. We conduct a thorough Initial assessment that enables us to tailor your Pilates program to your specific requirements.

For more detailed information regarding how to get started with us please see our Getting Started FAQ. If you have any questions or just want to get started please Contact Us and we will book you in.

The easiest way to get started with us is to purchase one of our Starter Packages. We have a starter package for Equipment, Mat or Tower Pilates classes. These packages all have the private one on one sessions and 2 Weeks of Unlimited Pilates classes at such an amazing price the pilates classes are practically free. This enables you you attend as many classes in first two weeks you can to give you the best start you possibly can with your new Pilates Regime.

Click the buttons to below to make your purchase and start your new pilates journey today. We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

EQUIPMENT STARTER PACKAGE - 1 x Initial Assessment + Private 1 on 1 Session + 2 Weeks Unlimited EQ Classes   $199
MAT STARTER PACKAGE - Private 1 on 1 Session +
2 Weeks Unlimited Mat Pilates Classes
                          $ 99
TOWER STARTER PACKAGE - Private 1 on 1 Session +
2 Weeks Unlimited Tower Pilates Classes


Remedial massage is one of the oldest forms of natural medicine. Our resident massage therapists are specialists in remedial massage and combine ancient massage techniques with modern methods to help clients recover from injury, treat pain, discomfort and improve general health and well-being.



At Queen St Pilates Studio we aim to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness. Regular Physiotherapy treatments can assist in your recovery from injury, reduce pain, increase your mobility and improve your overall quality of life.  Our Physiotherapist is dedicated to the therapeutic application of evidence-based treatments and techniques that assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders.  We are so excited to introduce and welcome Physiotherapist Fiona Paige to the Queen St Pilates Studio Team, we look forward to working Fiona to continue providing you with convenient and high quality Physiotherapy services at the Studio.


organic garden


Come and join us in the garden! It's a great time to get involved with our community organic garden. We have eight three by three-metre veggie garden plots, some are raised and some are in need of some loving. Gardening is a rewarding family activity and a great way for to kids to learn where our food comes from. All gardening tools and water are provided it's just up to you to plant and maintain a plot or two to get the community vibe happening and to make our garden as productive as it can be. Any excess produce is usually offered to our regular clients attending at our Croydon studio. There is a $50 yearly fee to help with water and maintenance costs but that's it. If you are interested in being part of the ever-growing organic food revolution please use the form below to get in touch. we look forward to hearing from you.