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Frequently Asked Questions


Which style is best for me Mat, Tower or Equipment Pilates?

All styles are fantastic, however if you currently have any sort of pain, injury or mobility issues or if you have been referred to us by your GP, Physio or other health professional we recommend that you start with our equipment Pilates. We conduct a thorough Initial assessment that enables us to tailor your Pilates program to your specific requirements. The equipment Pilates is more supportive and with the smaller class size it enables us to provide you with greater detail and individual attention. 

If you are looking for a total body workout and have no pain or mobility issues then you may prefer to try one of our Mat or Tower Pilates classes.

How do I get started at your Croydon Studio ?

New clients to Equipment Pilates start with an Initial Assessment with one of our instructors. The instructor does a thorough assessment of the your exercise and injury history, your range of movement, stability, flexibility and alignment of your body. After collating this information, the instructor will formulate a detailed workout for you. Then follows an Equipment 1-on-1 where you get familiar with the equipment, breathing technique and basic routines. After these introductory sessions, you can move into a group equipment class. Classes are kept to 4 clients per instructor to ensure the best individual attention and care. Most new clients purchase our Equipment Starter Pack that includes your Initial Assessment a 1-on-1 session and two weeks unlimited equipment classes, which is everything you need to get started at a amazing price.

New clients wishing to do our Mat Pilates classes at our Croydon studio start with a one-on-one mat session with an instructor to learn the Pilates breathing technique, you then move to a group class. Our Mat Starter Pack includes the 1-on-1 mat session with an instructor plus two weeks unlimited pilates classes.

If you would like to attend our group Tower Classes it is prerequisite that you have attended a private tower
1- on-1 with an instructor to get familiar with the equipment, breathing and basic routines. You can purchase our Tower Starter Pack which includes a Private 1-on-1 session and two weeks unlimited group classes, during this time you could attend the required 5 classes.

How do I get started at your McLaren Vale Studio ? 

New Clients wishing to do our McLaren Vale Mat Classes do not need to do a private 1-on-1 session prior to starting the group mat class. All you need to do is purchase our standard McLaren Vale casual or blocks of 10 or 20 classes then book into a class. Just make sure before you make your purchase there is a suitable class available by checking the McLaren Vale Class Timetable.

I have done Pilates before, do I still need to do the initial assessment and individual equipment appointment ? 

With the exception of our McLaren Vale Mat Classes, Yes, because every Studio has their own unique approach based on their own philosophies, level of training and expertise. Our dedicated one-hour Initial Assessment appointments are very thorough, this helps us to determine where your body is at in terms of your own movement patterns, your strengths and more importantly your weaknesses. This ensures we can develop a program that best suits your needs. The one-hour 1-on-1 session for both is essential for you to learn the correct Pilates breathing and core activation techniques. You will also start to learn and implement exercises that are the most beneficial for you. This process also ensures that everyone has a base level of understanding of the Pilates technique prior to entering a group class, which helps our instructors manage all clients’ needs during the group class.

My work schedule is very irregular, do I have to commit to the same class time each week ? 

No, Many of our regular clients love the certainty of the same class time week to week, but our online booking system actually suites people with irregular work schedules the best as it enables you to float in and out as your schedule permits. You can book into class last minute from your mobile or from home or work computer. With our online system, you can check your bookings, cancel or change your class times and make purchases. All our classes are valid for 6 months, so as long as all classes are used within 6 months what times and days you choose is totally up to you. You can download the Mindbody Connect App.

What do I wear to class ? 

Please wear comfortable gym wear with some stretch that enables you to move freely. For hygiene reasons, we ask that everyone wear clean socks, preferably non-slip sports socks. For safety reasons, if you have long hair please tie it back, no hooded jumpers, long jewellery and no sharp objects such as belts and bulky jewellery. Out of respect for our other Clients, please do not wear perfumes to class. Thank you.

Do I need to bring anything to class ?

No, we provide everything you need for your class. You may choose to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated or if you are prone to excessive perspiration please bring a towel.

Getting Started Step by Step Guide for New clients

Step 1   Determine what style of Pilates you would like to do, e.g. Mat or Equipment or Tower Pilates.

Step 2   Check the Pilates timetable by clicking the Mat Timetable, Tower timetable or Equipment timetable links to see whether there is a group class time that suits you. 

Step 3   Purchase either Mat Starter Pack Equipment Starter Pack or Tower Starter Pack .

During the purchase process, you will be guided through the creation of your online account login so you can manage your class bookings online. For your convenience, the easiest way to manage your bookings is to download the Mindbody Connect App this enables you to book into or cancel your classes and appointments, update your details, check your schedule, view all your past purchases right on your smartphone.

Step 4   Once purchased, book in for your Initial Assessment and One on One Appointments using the appointments search function on either the Mat Appointments, Tower Appointments or Equipment Appointments pages.

Step 5   Once you have completed your introductory sessions you can book in for your group classes.

If you have any problems completing this process we are very happy to assist you over the phone or in person at the studio. Please get in touch using our Contact Us page

How can I pay for my classes ? 

Our Online Store via Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

Over the Phone call us to pay Credit Card over the phone. Contact Us

In person using EFTPOS or cash at the Studio.

Do I need credit on my account before I can book into a class ? 

Yes, you will need to make a purchase in order to book a class.  All new clients please refer to our Equipment Starter Packs and Mat Starter Packs. Existing clients can make your regular purchases at our online store or in person at the studio.

Can I claim my Pilates classes with my Health Fund ? 

Generally speaking No, due to recent government policy changes many health funds are now phasing out the ability to claim Pilates against your private health fund. We encourage you to check with your health Fund directly as they are all different. Some funds still have health and wellness programs that include Pilates. Some funds only require an itemised receipt to be able to claim your Pilates, we are more than happy to provide you with this to take to your health fund to claim your Pilates yourself.

Do you have Gift Cards ? 

Yes, we have beautiful Gift Cards ideal for any occasion for that special person in your life. You choose the value of the card at the time the of purchase and is redeemable for any of our fantastic services at the studio, e.g. Pilates, Massage and Physio.

There are two ways to purchase our Gift Cards. At our On-line store where you will receive the Gift Card via email immediately both to yourself and the recipient if required.

We also have our great looking new plastic Gift Cards below that can be purchased over the phone and posted to you or you just pop into the studio to buy in person. Contact Us to make your purchase.

Gift Cards2.jpg
Gift cards.jpg

How long and how large are your classes ?

All of our classes are one hour long. In our equipment Pilates classes there is a maximum of 4 clients per instructor, in Mat classes a maximum of 8 clients and our tower classes have a maximum of 7 clients per instructor.

Are all your instructors qualified ? 

Yes, all of our instructors are expertly trained with nationally accredited qualifications, having completed either our Certificate IV or Diploma of Pilates Therapy Instruction or Private Certification at Queen St Pilates Studio. In fact, our instructors are so well regarded in the industry they are highly sought after by many other studios and many are working at other studios in Adelaide and interstate.

How Do I find you ?

Please refer to our Contact Us page for detailed contact and location details.

When are you open ?

We are open Monday to Saturday most weeks. We are not open on Public Holidays and usually have a one week break over the easter period and a two-week break over the Christmas and New year period.

For detailed schedule and class times please refer to our Class Timetables and detailed opening hours on our footer below.

What is your Cancellation Policy ? 

Queen St Pilates Studio has a strict 24 hour Cancellation Policy. We require 24 hours notice of cancellation of any Pilates classes. If you contact us to cancel your booking outside the 24 hour cancellation window you will not be charged for your session and it will not be deducted from your current block.

Unfortunately, all bookings cancelled within 24 hours prior to your booking you will be charged for the class and will be deducted from your current block as if you attended. It is most convenient to use the Mindbody Connect App to cancel or manage your bookings.

We acknowledge from time to time there can be exceptional personal circumstances where you are unable to attend your class at short notice and we are happy to discuss these with you. We appreciate your understanding with this.

Have more questions ? 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch us using our Contact Us page.

Also please check the What is Pilates ? FAQ for additional information.